I work a 9-5 job and sell tires part time as a hobby.

That's how I can give you such a great deal.

Unfortunately that means you can't pick up the phone and call me or drop by the shop during the day.

For some people that's a deal breaker.

But in this age of Internet sales, if you are comfortable making initial contact by email and talking on the phone later when I get off work, you can save a lot of money.

I have had people come from two hours away to save hundreds on tires.

To inquire about prices or set an appointment or to just chat about the weather, either email me directly at Velocitytire@gmail.com or just fill out the form below:

July 2019 Update:

Velocity Tire finally takes advantage of 1950's technology and gets a PHONE!

After many years of customer frustration due to my "email only" business model and my lack of a phone number to reach me on, I have finally put a phone in my shop. Email is still better in terms of seeing the tires but if you're not a fan of email, here is the number! 902-897-9726

Fall is near. Please specify summer or winter tires.

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