Oct 2017 Update: No more price comparison list

I have taken down the price list that listed my prices beside the prices of the large retailers in Truro.

I thought it would be ok to list all our prices side by side to show you the huge difference.

But my lawyer almost had a heart attack and told me to take it down immediately.

So for now please contact me to let me know what size you're looking for and I will get back to you ASAP.

April 2014 Update: I no longer sell Budget class tires like F*****, N****, Z***, W**** or J****.

I have decided not to sell tires that are basically rubber socks for your rims when mid range tires are available for literally just $10 or $15 more.

July 2019 Update: I've removed the brand names above because I found out that some competitors in Truro are selling these tires and it's really not my place to criticize their products directly.


Tire installation:   $12.50 per tire for cars, $17.50 per tire for trucks
(all installs include balancing)

Studding winter tires: $17 per tire, any size

Tire repair:   $20
(full patch - no plugs)

Tire storage:   Coming soon